What makes your handbag line special?

All of our handbags have interchangeable straps to make each one special and unique.

Why do all your bags have interchangeable straps?

We sell our bags and straps separately. This allows you to customize your own bag to suit your personality and lifestyle. A lot of our customers buy 2 pairs of straps for the same bag, enabling them to take the bag from dray to evening.

What are your handbags made of?

The bags are made from a wide assortment of materials from leather to canvas, from suede to faux fur.

What are your straps made of?

Our straps are available in rubber and canvas, as well as a range of leather, from cowhide to python.

Where are your products made?

All our products are designed and made in France.

How much do your bags cost?

Since our bags and straps are sold separately, the price range varies greatly. Depending on your choice, our bags range from $100 - $700.

Why do many of your totes not have zippers?

François Rénier believes that many women never use the zippers on their handbags anyway. He has, however, designed a zippered pocket that can be conveniently clipped into any of his totes to keep important items stored safely. Alternatively, some handles can be clipped together for a speedy and efficient closure.

Does the designer create seasonal collections?

Yes, François Rénier presents a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter collection each year. He also has a standard collection that is available year-round.