Change the strap, change the bag

Un jour un sac is a unique brand of luxury handbags designed and made in France by François Rénier. The concept began as a printed paper bag with clip-on crocodile or python straps that enabled the wearer to sport a “bag a day” - the direct translation of un jour un sac.

François soon transformed his paper totes into leather and started a collection of handbags in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Today, the line now includes zippered handbags in elegant fabrics and high-fashion vinyl.

Un jour un sac is a unique line that gives women the opportunity to match their handbags with every outfit and
every mood. A change of the straps can make the difference between ahandbag you take to the grocery store
and a handbag that you take to a dinner party.

To visit the French website, please follow www.unjourunsac.com.

On her return from Paris after more that 20 years, Allyn Mills brought this unique line of handbags exclusively to Toronto. She opened her doors to Toronto in the Fall of 2010. She is
the exclusive supplier of
un jour un sac in Canada.


Made in France

All the products from the label un jour un sac are manufactured from start to finish in France.

François Rénier had deliberately made this commitment because he knows that he can rely on the "savior-faire" and craftsmanship of the French to produce the high-quality products offered in his line.

Working with fabric designers and manufacturers, François Rénier uses different materials such as linen, upholstery, weaves and rubber to create handbags that are original and classically beautiful.

The un jour un sac workshop was established when a number of small craftsmen, in the Northern Region of France, merged in the mid-sixties. With over fourty years of experience, their know-how has continually adapted
to the changing needs of the market, and today can thrive with state of the art equipment and a broad range of expertise. Their skills can be observed at every stage of production. 

Today, the "Made in France" label can be borne with pride thanks to this wealth of experience combined with industrial ingenuity.